A womans quest to lose weight has come at the cost of her teeth after she manipulated her type 1 diabetes symptoms to drop the pounds. Skye Simpson, 30, lost 60 pounds over the course of six months, the New York Post reported.

Simpson, a beauty therapist in Australia, would disregard her insulin injections so that her body would burn its fat stores. The practice among diabetes sufferers is known as diabulimia, a diagnosable eating disorder, The Post reported.

I didnt want to give up food, or exercise. I was too lazy for that. I loved snacking on chips, bread and biscuits, Simpson told Caters News Agency. At first, I was only skipping one injection a day. But as the weight dropped off, I became hooked and in just a few weeks, I was skipping my insulin all together.

Simpson, who is 5 feet 7inches tall, was losing as much as 6 and a half pounds per week, and at her lightest weighed just over 100 pounds.

First, I started losing clumps of my long blond hair, and then my vision became blurry, she told Caters News Agency. Stupidly I just ignored it. It felt worth it if it meant I could be slim.

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