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Diabetic symptoms?

Last year I went to the doctor with frequent urination symptoms. They did a urine analysis, a fasting blood test and a random blood test and my sugar levels were normal. I didnt get the glucose tolerance test. Lately, Ive been peeing a lot again and have a dry mouth. Im not thirsty really and I dont wake up at night to pee.

Does it sound like diabetes?


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  1. man k says:

    Diabetic symptoms include excess urination, frequent thirst, extreme hunger, changed vision, weakness in the arms and legs and sleeping more than normal. These are some of the major symptoms. However, in type 2 diabetics symptoms are not always visible. Most of the type 2 diabetics doesn’t experience any symptoms. Fasting glucose test doesn’t always detect diabetes. For some people fasting glucose test reads normal but the oral glucose tolerance test indicates that they are diabetic. It’s always better to perform oral glucose tolerance test, it would detect pre-diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance apart from confirming diabetes.

    It is really a shame that majority of the physicians and the hospitals in the United States doesn’t perform oral glucose tolerance test. Doctors still doesn’t have good understanding of diabetes. Insurance companies doesn’t provide glucose testing meter until the individual is diagnosed with diabetes. There is no means for an individual to check either for pre-diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance or for that matter even diabetes. Fight against diabetes could never be won in this life time, with the existing broken system in place..


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