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There is no one single treatment regimen that is used to treat everyone with diabetes. Diabetes treatment can vary from insulin pump therapy, to insulin injections, to medication or even just controlling the diabetes with a carefully controlled diet. However, the treatment options that are available for people with diabetes are much more varied than they were even a few years ago.

The advances in diabetes treatment have come about largely because so many people now have diabetes. So it is any area of medicine that is generating a great deal of interest, because in economic or financial terms there is a real opportunity to improve the quality of life for anyone with diabetes and generate a good economic and financial return at the same time.

The medication that is now available for people with diabetes is quite varied and can accommodate different needs that different people may have and so it is with insulin. People with diabetes can be prescribed different types of insulin; there is no one catch fits all!

Diabetes treatment even for insulin dependent diabetics can also vary. Diabetics who need insulin can now be fitted with an insulin pump so that their insulin is delivered to them on a constant basis, thereby ensuring that they do not have spikes in their blood sugars and that their condition is monitored and medicated 24/7. All the diabetic has to do is to change the cannula that attaches the pump to the skin and hey presto, he or she is ready to go!

Ten or twenty years ago it would have been inconceivable to think that insulin pumps would actually take over administering insulin to a diabetic, but in a sense this is proof of just how far diabetes treatments have evolved. We can only imagine where these treatments will stop; perhaps in the future subcutaneous insulin will be used with yearly doses administered that are then absorbed hourly, 365 days per year. Yes that may sound farfetched now, but only a few years ago, the whole field of diabetes treatment was very basic; so who knows what tomorrow will bring!

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