Gestational Diabetes Diet Plans

Gestational Diabetes Diet Plans

Gestational diabetes is a disease that affects roughly 4 percent of pregnant women in the US. It is not completely unstated why several women get it as it normally vanishes the moment the baby is born. One assumption is the anxiety of pregnancy causes it, however no matter what the cause is any woman who has it will have to stick to a gestational diabetes diet plan.

As a matter of fact, this kind of diet requires to be adhered if the expecting mother already has existing diabetes. The threat of fetal imperfections or even death is significantly greater with gestational diabetes. High blood glucose levels or hyperglycemia in the expecting mother is the main cause of any problem attributed to such disorder. When this takes place the fetus will start to make large quantities of insulin to cope with the excess sugar that is passing throughout the placenta.

Enhanced insulin levels in fetus may cause a condition called macrosomia, resulting to bigger than normal head and body size. Also, it can lead to respiratory failures, jaundice, hypoglycemia, hypocalcemia or hypokalemia in newly born babies.

It is greatly suggested that any woman with gestational diabetes should acquire nutrition counsel and make a diet menu program with the assistance of a licensed dietician/doctor. It is crucially significant to manage the levels of blood sugar during pregnancy and this can be best made by changing the diet.

A diet for gestational diabetes is specialized for every pregnancy depending on the height and weight of the mother. Also, it will give a sufficient quantity of calories as well as nutrients that are required during pregnancy and control blood sugar levels.

Moreover, the mother should check her blood glucose levels at least 4 times each day to ensure that her sugar levels are controlled. The moment a good sugar control is recognized, the occurrence of self-monitoring can be lessened although self-monitoring must be sustained throughout the duration of pregnancy.

The diet plan for gestational diabetic preferred nutrition and weight gain needs in order to have a normal pregnancy. During the initial trimester, weight gain must be between the range of two to four pounds and an additional pound each week during the second and third trimester. For the second trimester, it is suggested that caloric consumption must be changed upwards around 100-300 kcal per day above than the first trimester. Consumption of protein needs to be enhanced throughout pregnancy to ten grams each day. It can be done by consuming one to two ounces of meat or by drinking 2 glasses of milk. 400 grams of folic acid each day must also be incorporated in the diet of gestational diabetic to avoid neural and congenital tube defects.

A gestational diabetes diet plan is an important part of any pregnant woman who has this risky condition. A pregnant woman who is diagnosed to have gestational diabetes must be examined carefully by a licensed dietician who can help her to meet all her dietary requirements.


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