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Cure for Diabetes ?

Ok’ this has been bugging me for a long time (well since I came down with type 1 diabetes 2 year’s ago) why is it that I will hear that there is a cure time to time for type 1 or type 2 diabetes, then I don’t hear nothing on that topic for a long time .Well I’m going to tell you all my feeling on this and please let me know your’s as well. I personally think that (FDA) has something to do with this… There is 29 mil people now in the unidted states with diabetis,think of how much money just on meds that is for the FDA, pharmaceutical, endocrinologist,educators, and other diabetic medical fields.WOW I know my meds alone cost 500 – 800 a month that’s not including doctors and blab la bla..Sorry I guess I’m just venting the truth.


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  1. MamaSmurf says:

    My feelings are that there is way to much money being made off of diabetes and other diseases and you are not going to see a cure, even if they really find one. They keep dangling the carrot in front of us, but I doubt if we will ever get one. They just tell you about a cure "in the working" every now and then so we think they are still looking for one

    Texande2002 ….you are so wrong. Even if you control type 2 with diet and exercise (which many people do) you still have the disease. And usually later in life you have to take meds again. You should go to some educational classes and learn the truth.


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