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artificial pancreas and diabetic cures?

so i know theres no for sure cure but there are a lot of possible cures like stem cells, artificial pancreas and trasnplants. but the artificial pancreas just looks like a lot better pump or it is just a pump so i was wondering which one it is. also how far are they on finding a cure? i was just recently diagnosed as a T1D last presidents day.


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  1. Gary B says:

    There IS NO "artificial pancreas", just like there is no "artificial kidney" or "artificial lung". [There are kidney machines used for dialysis, and heart/lung machines, but NOTHING that can be implanted and let the patient move around normally.] The closest is an insulin pump, but that does not produce the OTHER chemicals the pancreas produces. In addition to insulin, the pancreas ALSO produces digestive juices, enzymes, and some other hormones.

    Stem cells have been tried, but minor success has been found ONLY in lab rats. Even if they had ONE successful human trial tomorrow, the necessary testing, retesting, and authorization for human use would take another 20 years before such a thing came to market.

    Transplantation is very risky. Of ALL the possible organ transplants, the pancreas is the least likely to survive. Diabetes is easily and effectively treated using insulin injections,. The transplant process uses some VERY expensive drugs, and some of these drugs are toxic to kidneys. The chance of rejection is high. Pancreas transplants are suggested ONLY for the sickest f patients, those which would die almost immediately without the transplant. A pancreas transplant for the normal, everyday Type 1 Diabetic who is otherwise under control is simply NOT recommended.

    The insulin pump is a tricky machine. What you get in blood sugar control is paid for by the increase in the number of times you need to do the finger stick test. Most pumps need to be re-programmed several times a day, meaning you need to stick your finger 6-10 times a day.

    There is some new "continuous sensing" technology being worked on, but it is not yet available for the general public. The problem with this is that you need another needle stuck into you skin so that the senor can be installed. Reports are that it REALLY hurts if that sensor gets pulled out accidentally. The Good News is that an EMBEDDED senors is being developed. The doctor installs this under your skin (like a pacemaker), and it talks to the pump using radio waves. Still, several years away from public sale . . . .

    In the mean time, DO EXACTLY WHAT YOUR DOCTOR SAYS, taking your measurements, taking your injections, watching your diet and exercise and weight.

    Diabetes is a DEADLY disease, but it is CONTROLLABLE if you have self-discipline. The properly controlled Type 1 Diabetic can expect to live as long and as happy as a "normal" person, including school, careers, marriage, and children of their own.


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