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For corporations, GOP Convention is bad business

(CNN)If there is one thing we can count on Donald Trump to deliver, it is controversy. From the day his campaign began, the Republican front-runner has been blunt, outspoken and frequently offensive. Now, just as Trump is attempting to present a more presidential image, the GOP has a new Trump-related headache. Activist groups, particularly those […]

Can Cruz-Kasich strategy really stop Trump?

(CNN)The gloves are off. In what will either go down in history as a brilliant strategy shift or an embarrassing, losing gambit, GOP opponents John Kasich and Ted Cruz have announced they are joining forces to take down their common rival, Donald Trump.

Outside experts condemn Mexico’s inquiry into 43 missing students

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights cites errors and omissions in official investigation and points to signs of torture used against suspects Outside experts investigating the September 2014 attacks on 43 teacher trainees delivered a devastating final report on Sunday, finding inconsistencies, errors and omissions in the governments official investigation, along with evidence of suspects being […]

Why are we so bored?

We live in a world of constant entertainment but is too much stimulation boring? It amazes me when people proclaim that they are bored. Actually, it amazes me that I am ever bored, or that any of us are. With so much to occupy us these days, boredom should be a relic of a bygone […]

When I saw Prince, I saw a vital new black masculinity | Terryn Hall

Unlike many rappers, he embodied a sensuality that made room for vulnerability, ambiguity and fluidity Prince came to me second hand. When he began releasing music in the late 1970s, I wasnt even thought of; my parents were college aged and had the distinct pleasure of enjoying him as he began to rise. I was […]

Philadelphia Union beat New York City FC to move top of Eastern Conference

Union move level with Montreal atop Eastern Conference standings after 2-0 win over New York City FC Chris Pontius and CJ Sapong scored in the first half and the Philadelphia Union beat New York City FC 2-0 on Saturday. Pontius opened the scoring in the 26th minute when he finished Tranquillo Barnettas short cross with […]

Blue Jays’ Chris Colabello hit with 80-game suspension for positive drug test

Toronto first baseman faces 80-game suspension after testing positive for anabolic steroid Toronto Blue Jays first baseman Chris Colabello has been suspended for 80 games without pay after testing positive for the same anabolic steroid that caused Philadelphia pitcher Daniel Stumpf to be disciplined last week. Colabellos penalty was announced by the commissioners office on […]

Guatemalan troops mass near Belize border after shooting incident

Guatemalan boy, 13, killed after Belize says its forces fired on in border area but Guatemala decries cowardly and excessive attack by Belizean military The tiny Central American country of

Greek talks with lenders fraught as fears grow of default

Crisis returns to Greece as unemployment reaches 30% and debt repayment deadlines loom The Hilton hotel in Athens makes the perfect backdrop for high-intensity talks. Its ambience is subdued, its corridors hushed, its meeting rooms an oasis of tranquility. When Greece, in one of its many stand-offs with the international creditors keeping it afloat, finally […]

Cuban university fires economist over allegedly sharing information with US

Omar Everleny Prez is one of the countrys most well-known academics and made frequent trips to America with the University of Havanas approval One of Cubas most renowned advocates of economic reform has been fired from his University of Havana thinktank for alleged violations including sharing information with Americans without authorization. The dismissal of Omar […]


3 Methods Of Video By Long Island Advertising Agencies

30 April 2020

To say that video is engaging would be nothing short of an understatement. This type of content can be digested rather easily, which speaks volumes about the level of appeal that it has. Of course, those who have been involved in marketing will be able to tell you that video can be broken up into different subcategories. With these 3 different types of video in mind, hopefully you'll start to see the extensive services associated with Long Island advertising agencies.

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Climate Change Will Give 100,000 Americans Diabetes Every Year

24 July 2017

Unless youve not been paying attention to the world around you at all, youre probably aware that climate change will cause sea levels to rise, melt away the ice caps, boost the power of hurricanes, droughts, floods, and wildfires, and so on. A startling new study has reminded us that a warmer world will make […]

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The search for what triggers type 1 diabetes

12 July 2017

(CNN)People are often surprised to learn that Shelby Payne has type 1 diabetes — because her identical twin sister, Sydney, does not. “Everyone’s like, ‘Wow, how in the world does (my sister) not have it?’ ” said Payne, 23, who once played forward on Stanford’s soccer team, like her sister. “They can’t really fathom it.” […]

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Your Annoying Paleo Diet Is (Maybe) Making You Fat

06 July 2017

I don’t get paleo dieters, because they’re contradictory as hell. They patronize the most expensive Crossfit gyms, but when they get there they work out with rusty pipes and tractor tires. They’ll buy the most advanced workout shit, but when it comes to feeding themselves they base their diet off of what they think people […]

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Why was Maria Sharapova taking meldonium? Her lawyer explains

05 July 2017

John Haggerty, Maria Sharapovas lawyer, answers the questions at the centre of the world No7s failed drugs test since emerged the International Tennis Federation and the Womens Tennis Association warned players five times during December about the impending ban. The Latvian company that manufactures meldonium said the

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Diabetic woman loses teeth, hair after ditching insulin to lose weight | Fox News

04 July 2017

(AP) A womans quest to lose weight has come at the cost of her teeth after she manipulated her type 1 diabetes symptoms to drop the pounds. Skye Simpson, 30, lost 60 pounds over the course of six months, the New York Post reported. Simpson, a beauty therapist in Australia, would disregard her insulin injections […]

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