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Tasty diabetic recipes: For low carb eaters and diabetics (Diabetes recipes Book 1)

Gluten Free Diabetic Safe Desserts | 50 Simple Recipes that are Diabetic-Safe Desserts


As a type 2 diabetic myself, I know how hard it is to come up with tasty, low carb recipe ideas.

I avoid bread and all starchy carbs such as potatoes, which on the surface doesn’t seem to leave much choice remaining. You would be surprised at just how much is left!

This book has the following sections;

Salads & sides

Chicken and Turkey dishes

Meat dishes

Seafood dishes

Sweet treats!

This book contains a few ideas to get you started, and contains a link to my website where you can download another diabetes eBook free of charge!

Check out my other Kindle book ‘Tasty diabetic breakfast recipes’ too :)






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