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I’m a cheerleader last night at our game I could tell my voice was a little scratchy but when I started cheering after every cheer I was so light headed and about to pass out are these any symptoms if things? I ate lunch before I went I just don’t want to get all of my family sick over thanksgiving p.s. I don’t have time to go to the doctor because I’m traveling all day


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  1. Cheryl G says:

    Since you posted this under Diabetes, should I assume you are a diabetic? If so, you know what your symptoms indicate. Low blood sugar.

    Try drinking a glass of water and eating a Snickers snack size bar before your cheerleading and before you go to bed. It will bring your blood sugar levels up and keep them there for a couple of hours.

    After Thanksgiving, get yourself to a doctor. Sounds as if you need to have your meds adjusted.


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