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Symptoms of Diabetes?

I have been recently going over the symptoms of diabetes, and Dont know whether my symptoms are important or not to check over.

Im 15, weigh 110lb (no weight loss, weight gain in fact, but very little), pretty short, and have an un controlled diet.

I eat lots of rice if that matters
For some reason every time i urinate at the end it feels like theres still some more pee but it doesnt come out
I get fairly thirsty, not extremely
Unrelated: i had this foot ache for the past 1/2 year
my blodd pressure is 92

Also the weirdest thing is at random times i feel some part of my body with pain, then it desists.


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  1. WWJD says:

    None of these are diabetic symptoms. Your not over weight, your thirst is not extreme, and some part of your body having pain then going away is normal. NOT going away isn’t normal. Uh most people do feel like there is more pee when they get through peeing. Or less it’s to the extreme don’t worry. And the foot ache you should have massaged it. And if your blood pressure was only 92 you’d be actively dying. If it was only 92 then that’s only 1/2 a blood pressure. It would need to be 92 over something like 92/? or some over 92 like ?/92. Are you sure your talking about your blood pressure or your pulse? If it’s your pulse it’s ok.
    Your just looking for symptoms to a disease that you don’t have. Eat right exercise and hopefully you don’t ever get it.


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