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Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days? Recipes?

What recipes were they using in the film?


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  1. exsft says:

    Haven’t seen the film but I’d take that information w caution. You cannot "reverse" diabetes anymore than you can "reverse" an amputated arm.. You can control the symptoms to prevent further complications but not "reverse" the condition itself. Diabetes is now know to be partially hereditary meaning people with a history of the condition in their family are susceptible to developing it later in life if they do not control the portions of what they eat. There is also no food proved to be the cause of diabetes.
    There is no known proved cure for diabetes.. the one drug that was initially thought to have some "reversal" effects did not and was pulled out of the market because it was determined it causes brain damage..

    Controlling sugar, carbo and fat intake help reduce complications but do not reverse the condition. Perhaps that is what you mean?


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