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Reversing pre-diabetes in a non-overweight 10 year old?

A few days ago my 10 year old daughter was diagnosed with pre-diabetes after a blood sugar reading and an OGTT. She is not overweight and is almost under weight. Also she is only allowed to have candy once in a while. Her doctor didn’t tell us very much so I have been trying to research everything I can on this. Everything I read is saying loose weight and exercise…if she looses weight it will be dangerous for her to be that skinny and she plays 2 sports and is always outside running around. Is there anyway that we can reverse this? I am so confused and really worried for her. Thanks :-)


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  1. Nadi E says:

    Usually when medical people talk about diabetes in young age, they will only thought about type 1 diabetes. It’s very unlikely that your daughter has type 2 diabetes in which the treatment is like you said, loose weight and exercise (for prediabetec only).

    Diabetes has 2 type, type 1 and 2. Type 1 usually in young and the sufferer is usually skinny people and it’s due to insulin bankruptcy. Means, no insulin at all to convert glucose in blood, so there will be high glucose level.

    While type 2 usually in older people and the sufferer is usually obese or overweight and it’s usually due to insulin resistance. it’s mean that, they have the insulin but the insulin is less sensitive to changes in glucose level in blood. Type 2 still can happen in children but it’s very very very very rare and the child is maybe very very very very obese. Since you said your daughter is skinny, so, it’s very unlikely to be type 2.

    In type 1, by time, their insulin will reach zero and they will need insulin injection to prevent high glucose level. Try search for diabetes type 1 in the internet. Don’t read about type 2. There are other type of diabetes but it’s rare.

    I wonder why your daughter was investigated for diabetes? She had any symptoms of diabetes? Usually in type 2 diabetes, pre diabetic condition can be reversed but for type 1, I think not. But, better check with your doctor again. Ask him/her.


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