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reverse dog diabetes?

This isn’t for one of my dogs, but one of my friends. This was the post she put on facebook today. I don’t know anything about dogs having diabetes, so I was wondering if someone else could help!!

…months ago my baby bull/shiht Joey was diagnosed with diabetes. we have given him his insulin shots every 12 hours since the day of the diagnosis. physically he is doing a lot better (he is no longer obsessively thirsty, etc), but i think the diabetes is starting to take its toll… poor baby was near his water bowl today but couldn’t find it. and lately he is afraid to go up and down stairs, and i realize now it is bc his vision is getting worse and worse. is there ANYTHING we can do to reverse the process? or ANYTHING we can do to at least stall it so it doesn’t get any worse? any advise is welcome and much appreciated. i can’t bare to see my baby like this :*(

Please anyone, if you have any advice that I can give her, please do. I couldn’t even begin to imagine if this was one of my babies. please help! thanks


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  1. Anonymous says:

    unfortunately she needs to talk to her vet. I have a pup with diabetes and he just knows the lay out of our home. tell her to keep everything the same and stairs are not really an option due to blindness and decreased coordination. She may be able to change diet or add supplement but that is to be worked out with vet.


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