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questions about diabetic symptoms?

they say that frequent urination and excessive thirst are big symptoms of diabetes. but which comes first? i mean, do you pee a lot so you then get thirsty? or are you thirsty, so you drink, and therefore pee a lot? i dont think i have frequent urination, but i am always thirsty. so i drink a lot of crystal lite (water), or diet coke….nothing with sugar is what i’m trying to say. i’m not sure if i’m still insulin resistant or if i’m full blown diabetic (my labs are still pending w/ follow up with doc). my blood sugars are pretty much always <180 with only a few exceptions.


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  1. cat27 says:

    well,first come the thirsty,so you drink a lot,and naturally after that you begin to pee a lot.
    you must now that there are 2 types of diabet,type 1( insulin dependant),and type 2(non insulin dependant)…you need to do some tests first to see if you are a diabetic person(for real)


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