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question about type 2 diabetes diet?

I have just been diagnosed with pre type 2 diabetes, and told that I need to lose weight and increase my activity. No problem there, but now I have to rethink everything that I thought was healthy for me. potatoes, certain fruits, etc. I have to bring my lunch to work every day, and I like to pack a mid morning snack. Until now, I was bringing figs and an orange. So much for those high sugar items! I thought yogurt would be a good snack, but upon checking the sugar content, I find that they are loaded with sugar, so now I have to rethink what snacks to pack. Is there such things as sugar free yogurt? What are some diabetes friendly snacks that I can bring? Thanks.


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  1. Nana Lamb says:

    Hi cheese! and yes, cheese, summer sausage, some crackers like Triscuits and apples are excellent snacks.

    The only yogurts that may help are the original, unsweetened ones and I don’t particularly like the flavor of them, but you might get away with Splenda in them. For the most part most milk products do not do me any favors.

    Half an apple with peanut butter, flavored cream cheese, cheese spreads, celery with the same,are what I keep for snacking.

    Get a copy of South Beach Living from the library. I use the phase 2 food plan and it mostly works for me. Some foods on their lists send my glucose to the moon.

    To see what various foods do to or for you, test glucose, eat the food, test again 90 minutes to 2 hours after first testing. Journal all this so you can refer back. Some recommended foods are not good for some people.

    Root veggies, soft sweet fruits, legumes, grains and cereals, most milk products are glucose raisers.

    My son suggests his favorite way to make sandwich now! spread your sandwich filling on lettuce or cabbage leaf and roll it up. keep together with toothpick.

    Doctors all say to eliminate salt and fats! But if you do this you will get the "starvin marvins" really quickly and toss the food plan.

    I avoid anything that says diabetic, diet, low fat, low salt, sugar free, etc as it always has some other additive in it that isn’t good for us either. Diet sodas give me the munchies!

    Endocrinologist says to have a "cheat treat" about once a week but keep it to half serving size. Also chocolate candy as in dark chocolates are good for us in small amounts. Have the birthday or other celebration cake with everyone else. Just half serving!

    Good luck to you!


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