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Question about gestational diabetes….diet?

I took my first glucose test and the cut off is 130 and mine was a 146, so they want me to come back in next week and take a 4 hour test..but..they put me on a 3 day diet…Here’s what I don’t understand…

It’s a High Carb diet? It has breads, pastas, potatoes, milk, jelly, cereal, etc on it I can eat as much as I want I just can’t eat what’s not on the list? Why would they want me to up my carbs instead of decrease???



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  1. artistagent116 says:

    The purpose of the diet is not to treat your possible gestational diabetes, the purpose of the diet is to prepare you for the 4 hour test… to load up your blood stream with carbs to see how your body metabolizes carbs and sugars.

    The four hour test will consist of drinking a glucose liquid then a blood test every hour for 4 hours. Each blood test will show how your body processes the glucose.

    If it is determined that you do have gestational diabetes, you will no doubt be put on restricted carbs. But for now, follow your doctor’s advice about the test. You want to have an accurate reading.

    Best of luck, sweetie. I hope everything turns out alright.


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