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Question about Diet / Diabetes ?????

Wats are the Carbohydrated Foods, Protein Foods…and wats the best food for diabetic patient having cholestrol more.


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  1. lobodeazul says:

    The best thing to do is to find out if there is a dietitian or nutritionist that can explain this to you locally, and may be able to be a support person if you run into difficulties.

    Basics are:
    Carbohydrates are the sweet and starchy foods – breads, cereals, rice, pasta, potato, sweet potato, legumes, fruit and things like candy and soft drink are all sources of carbohydrates.

    Protein foods are meats, eggs, legumes and dairy (legumes are things like lentils, dried beans eg. garbanzo, kidney, etc., split peas etc.)

    Fat includes all fats and oils, including fats in meat, butter, margarine, and all cooking oils.

    For diabetes, we need some carbohydrate foods at each meal. Different carbohydrate foods produce different rates of blood sugar levels rising, so there are better choices. Best choices are whole grain breads and cereals, basmati rice, sweet potato and legumes. That said, monitoring is still crucial.

    Things like candy and soft drinks (regular not diet) tend to cause a big rise in blood sugar levels. If you are looking for more information on how carbohydrate foods affect blood sugar levels, the glycaemic index or GI is a measure of this. Information can be found on the internet, or I would recommend any books on the subject by Jenny Brand-Miller.

    Milk, yoghurt and fruit all contain some sugar, but unless you eat large volumes in one go, tend to only cause a small rise in blood sugar levels.

    The amount of fat in your diet will affect your cholesterol. Choosing low fat where possible is the biggest help. Cholesterol is made from fat, and choosing low fat limits the amount that can be made. That said, different fats will effect cholesterol differently – fats from animals, animal products such as butter, cream and milk, coconut and palm oil tend to increase the bad (LDL) cholesterol, where as other fats may help increase the good (HDL) cholesterol.

    If you stick to a low fat, high fibre diet, with a small portion of carbohydrate food at each meal, plenty of vegetables, a piece of meat/chicken/fish about the size of the palm once a day, a few pieces of fruit and 2-3 serves of low fat dairy food every day, this will be the basic foods for managing diabetes and cholesterol. Monitoring your blood sugar levels is IMPORTANT and will allow you to adapt your carbohydrate intake to your need. If your sugars are high, reduce your serve size the next time, if they are low, increase. Recording sugar levels and what you have eaten/done also will help work out foods which eaten irregularly may be affecting your sugar levels.

    Exercise is also a big part of controlling your diabetes. It helps lower blood sugar levels on average. Even increasing your exercise slowly to about 30 minutes of walking 4-5 times per week can have a huge effect on blood sugar levels.

    This information is very, very basic, and I want to reinforce seeking advice locally is the only way to find out locally applicable information (food labelling and availability may affect your food choices greatly).


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