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I have all the symptoms of type 1 diabetes, and they randomly started about 2 weeks ago. My doctor did the whole prick my finger test, and my blood sugar wasnt normal, but wasnt high enough for me to be considered diabetic.
Does this mean I will develop it in the future? Because like myself, the doctors are stuck at what to tell me I have.
I fasted for 10 hours and my blood sugar level was 110. And was told high enough not to be normal and too low to be diabetic
^^ since I had all the other symptoms.


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  1. Adina T says:

    How high was your blood glucose and was it after a meal or after an overnight fast?

    You are either a pre-diabetic referring to pre-diabetes type 2 or you have type 1 diabetes but in your honeymoon period where your pancreas still makes some insulin.

    Test your morning blood glucose (before eating) and if it gets to 126 mg/dL or above that is diagnostic of diabetes (either kind but usually Type 1 is not diagnosed until one reaches MUCH higher levels as early Type 2 doesn’t get quite as high initially).

    Test 2 hours after a meal that contains carbs and if you are 200 or above that is also diagnostic of diabetes…again most likely type 2.

    ADDITIONAL INFO: Okay with the added info it is clear you have PRE-DIABETES. I don’t get why the docs are stuck at what to tell you. Pre-diabetes is what you have. It’s not complicated. And you don’t have type 1–at least not according to the information you have given.

    If you begin to exercise regularly and eat healthier foods and lose 5-7% of your body weight…you can reduce your chances of getting type 2 diabetes by over 50%


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