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pre diabetic symptoms the same as during?

Over the past couple of weeks I have had symptoms of being a diabetic such as sweet scented urine, constant thirst and hunger. This morning I guess I lost it and went into a hypoglycemia attack for the first time. Since then my blood pressure is high ( 142/69 ) and hasn’t gone down all day. I have been urinating a lot more than usual today but my urine has cleared up and is scentless. Just wondering what’s wrong with me and why my blood pressure is so high still. Btw I’m 16, exercise 5-6 days a week with an ok diet, drink plenty of water though.


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  1. Rita V says:

    Spitfire, Go to the nearest E.R everything You described is Diabetic for sure except your breath would be fruity smelling but ur Urine could smell like that also, this is playing with FIRE you could go into a Diabetic Coma. High B/P goes along with Diabetes. Don’t panic but You could call a Ambulance would be in order because they can check ur Blood Sugar right then, Call ur Mom and Dad and call 911. NOW I wish You all the Luck, I would love to know the out come click on my picture. Rita


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