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Pre-Diabetic symptoms?

The last time my doctor checked me for Blood Glucose levels, and they
were high. I was told I’m a border line diabetic. Since the last visit, for
the past 3 nights, my mouth has been extremely DRY, and I have been
drinking water. Can anybody tell me what is the acceptable blood glucose level after a person has eaten? Can anyone direct me to a
reliable source to find out good information on PRE Type 2 Diabetes
Should I be checking my blood glucose levels? I have access to a
machine from a friend, but I don’t know if I should use it with all the
blood diseases. Can the needle be sterilized? Thanks

I have been going to the bathroom several
times a night. I’m considered in the "senior"
age group.


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  1. Angelica says:

    Some Symptoms Are;

    Increased production of urine – the body is trying to get rid of the excess glucose in the urine
    Unusual thirst
    Tiredness – because the glucose is "going to waste" and not being converted into energy
    Wweight loss
    Increased appetite
    Feeling ill
    Blurred vision
    Infections such as thrush or irritation of the genitals

    I found a good website that might help and it has links to other things about Pre-diabeties. I hope this helps you! =)

    Oh! And I don’t recommend using a friend blood tester. I don’t think anything could really happen but it would be safer to buy your own just incase!


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