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Pre Diabetic Symptom Questions?

To begin, I am already seeking medical attention and am meeting with a Encocrinoloist next week. I just wanted to see if anyone else has had this experience or something similar.

I am a 24 year old female. I am 5’6" weigh 125 lbs. Generally exercise and eat very well (no processed junk or fast food or soda what so ever). Diabetes (either type) does NOT run in my family.

I recently began having an excessive unquenchable thirst. I am drinking close to two gallons a day and am still not satisfied. I wake up in the middle of night in a pool of swear dying of thirst. My mouth is so dry and I actually dream about water. I pee constantly (clear urine – even when I take vitamins). I am dizzy, have vertigo, and the world looks a little blurry to me.

I told my Doctor and he send me for a quick blood test (non fasting) and I came back hypoglycemic. This is after I had eaten cheerios, low fat milk, banana, and a protein bar. He recommended me to an encodrinologist to investigate further.

Do these symptoms appear to be signs of diabetes? If so what type? Did you exhibit symptoms like this? If so what did it turn out to be?

Thank you.
sweat* not swear sorry.


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  1. sandy7970 says:

    if the doc said your test suggested hypoglycemia, that’s the opposite of diabetes. i’m hypoglycemic. my husband is diabetic. in hypo- (low blood sugar), things can be hard to control because your body makes too much insulin for the food that’s eaten. it can be a nasty cycle of eating to fix a low sugar only to go lower because your body over-compensated for eating in the first place. in a diabetic, low readings are fixed by eating or drinking something that has sugar or getting a glucagon shot if they can’t eat or drink at the time. the way i finally gained control of my sugar swings was to level out what i ate & when i had meals. plan regular times & eat several small meals a day, almost like "big snacks". don’t eat lots of sweets, as that will trigger overproducing insulin faster than nonsweet foods. if you do eat sweets (i do), then keep it under control. don’t go for a sugar high by eating half a dozen donuts. eat one donut. you still get the treat, but not the heavy crash afterwards. i eat a lot of protein which takes longer to process & i don’t have lows very often at all anymore. i think the last time i was really low was after my youngest was born 13 yrs ago. had a bit of a rough recovery.

    do whatever testing you need to do & find out what’s going on. whether you’re hypoglycemic or diabetic, you need a healthy diet. but don’t assume you’re diabetic. if a random test showed a lower than normal sugar after eating and you weren’t being treated as a diabetic, then i’d guess you’re leaning the other way. endocrinologist can help you.


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