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Not following gestational diabetes diet correctly.?

I know someone who is 39 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes around 30 weeks; her numbers are not very high usually like five or so more than what they should be. She is not going to put on insulin they just want her to control her diet. Well, she doesn’t really check her blood sugars and is not following a diet either. The doctors say that the baby is doing very well & I would like to know if her baby will be ok when it is born & are there any consequences she should be worried about? I just want to make sure they will both be ok! :]


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  1. Jeanette M says:

    The main worry with her not watching her diet is too much glucose (which her pancreas is not taking care of if she has gestational diabetes) passing though the placenta and to the baby, making the baby gain more weight then it should. This can result in complications during delivery (higher chance of c-section), and for the baby when its born (low blood sugar and jaundice).

    Its important to follow a healthy diet when you have gestational diabetes, so please encourage her to follow it.


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