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Need a diet or I can develop diabetes…?

Hi. I am 13 years old and I am 5 feet 4 inches tall. I weigh 143 pounds. I have gained 30 pounds in ONE YEAR!! My doctor says that I have the insulin of a highly obese person. I must lose 10 pounds in 4 months or I have to go on medication and might form juvenile diabetes. I’ve been a diet for 2 months and have only lost 2 pounds. I exercise everyday (or at least try to) AND NOTHINGS WORKING!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE TELL ME ABOUT ANOTHER DIET AND EXERCISE PLAN FO R A 13 YEAR OLD GIRL THAT ACTUALLY WORKS! thankyou, you can be really saving my health.


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  1. Just J says:

    Best thing to do is a modified version of the South Beach Diet. It says no carbs, but it actually allows a few. Try to cut back on potatoes (chips, fries, baked potatoes, etc.)…replace them with steamed, mashed cauliflower made with "I Can’t believe it’s not Butter" Spray and some half-and-half or skim milk.

    Cut back for a while on all starches: cereal, bread, pasta, FRUIT,anything sugary. If you absolutely crave a sandwich–eat it! Don’t deprive yourself totally of bread. Just cut back. Your body chemistry will adjust to where you won’t really miss it or crave it much. Try eating a hamburger where you pitch the top bun out the window for the birds…*Only do this for 2 weeks while your body adjusts…you shouldn’t totally cut out all carbs (grains, fruit)..they are actually good for you. The more you exercise, the more you will eventually need them.

    *Try to not drink any soda at all during the week…and then like only two per day on Sat/Sun….and you’ll be amazed!

    Do get lots of protein and iron. Chicken breast, turkey breast, tuna….all good low-fat sources of protein. Re-discover salads. Add different things like sliced red bell peppers (if you are avoiding the sugar, you can’t have tomatoes for a while, because they are fruits…but if you crave them, have them!)

    For a snack:Get some low-fat cheese sticks and have one of those with a small can of sodium-free V-8 juice and about 15 almonds (100 calories). You can make a habit of counting out 15 almonds and munching them slowly. Pistachios are supposed to be good too, especially if you take your time to peel them, then eat them.

    For dessert, a great low-fat, low-sugar, and protein-packed idea: Take skim ricotta cheese, mix in some Splenda (or a cheaper, grocery-store knock-off), and a little lemon juice and you have Lemon Ricotta! Tastes almost like cheesecake…(*you can add lime juice or some powdered cocoa for different flavors). Another great one: Sugar-free jello in the those snack packs…5 calories for one!!

    Walk like for 15 minutes. The experts say 30 minutes, but you know what? 15 is better than zero. Carry around some little 2 or 3 pound hand weights and you’ll increase muscle mass. Do a few reps with the weights and you’ll see fat drop faster.

    Eat slowly. It gives your brain time to register that you are full…so you don’t overeat. Drink LOTS of water. At every meal–and if not, drink low-fat milk–milk also reduces your waist (and has protein!)

    Good luck, girl!

    **If you totally follow the no-starch thing for just 2 weeks, you will lose 10 pounds in those two weeks….I would start the first week just on a trial basis…cut out SOME of the starches…but eat them when you feel like it so you don’t binge…then do the 2 weeks straight with no starches…then go back like you did it the first week…at the end of ONE MONTH you should be down at least the 10 pounds…keep eating healthy and exercising and who knows how healthy you will be in 4 months?!

    ***Do not beat yourself up if you have holiday food. Just cut yourself a tiny piece of pie or cake…put your food on a small plate so it looks like a lot. Enjoy yourself, but in ways that don’t involve food so much.

    Eat to live.


    Live to eat.


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