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My mom just discovered she has diabetes: Is her symptoms diabetic neuropathy?

She has been feeling a "tingling" feeling in her fingertips for quite some time now. When she told the doctor, he seemed to brush it off. Is this just part of the experience of being a diabetic? Or is this something more serious? Can she reverse this problem or will it continue until she has lost feeling in her fingertips? Is this diabetic neuropathy?


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  1. TheOrange Evil says:

    That could be a sign of diabetic neuropathy. Does she have any tingling or numbness in her feet or legs, too? Tingling in the hands can also be a sign of carpal tunnel syndrome and other conditions.

    There are medications to help with diabetic neuropathy, but often people find that their neuropathy improves and even goes away with tight blood sugar control. Neuropathy is often part of the diabetic experience, but it shouldn’t be. Strictly speaking, it’s not caused by diabetes, but rather chronically high blood sugar levels, which is a symptom of diabetes. If a diabetic gets diagnosed early enough and maintains good control, then neuropathy is certainly not an inevitability.

    I don’t think her doctor should dismiss this. Every time I see the doctor, I’m asked if I have any tingling or numbness in my hands and feet. Poor circulation is of great concern and it’s treatable, so there’s no reason to ignore it.


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