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Maybe a diabetic? What are the symptoms?

In the past two weeks I have been so thirsty, I go the the RR all of the time, I am absolutely exhausted and just in general have no energy or ambition to do anything, I can’t focus on working, I am straving and eating all of the time, and my sugar every morning ranges between 130-170. Could I be diabetic? My dr refuses to believe me, and won’t run a fasting glucose. What should I do? Please help. Also, I am 23 and weigh 190 lbs and am 5’10”.


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  1. mom78226 says:

    Normal blood glucose upon waking should be relatively low. Before eating, a normal healthy person should be between 70-110.

    Find another doctor for a second opinion. I tell you this because 4 years ago I was doing all of this same thing — except because of a chronic dry mouth condition I didn’t realize I was drinking more water. I thought I had a bladder infection.

    My doctor used my urine to check for bladder infection and ran another quick test to check for protein — she reported to me in 10 mins that my bladder was fine — it was Diabetes that was my problem.

    I was 36 yrs old — I had lost 45 lbs in 3 months because of a recent divorce and child custody issues. I was stressed out after my husband just left, I had to sell our house, move from 1400 sq ft to 800 sq ft and figure out how to move on.

    I was put on oral meds — because it was adult onset the dr assumed I had Type 2. It wasn’t working. I found another dr and had more testing done — it was discovered that I am actually Type 1, I am now insulin dependant. I also have a second autoimmune disease: Sjogrens — which will give all the other symptoms you are having: chronic fatigue, low energy, short term memory loss, night sweats and other wonderful things.

    Get a second opinion — and tell the dr you choose what your suspicions are. At best, ask for a full blood panel to also check your hormones — this could be something hormonal and is causing your sugars to be affected.


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