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Kevin Trudeau Natural Cures?

This guys claims there is a natural cure for everything and anything. I read about one man who was a diabetic who tried his "Natural Cures" and it landed him in the ER. Has anyone read this book and the "Weight loss cure they don’t want you to know about," Did this work for anyone. I do believe that there are natural cures for SOME disease but not to the extent that Mr. Trudeau is claiming.
**Anyone of you guys on yahoo answers tried his natural cures and was successful in curing any of your conditions you may have had??
Is this man just a miracle healer or just a cheater?


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  1. Anjamo says:

    I’ve read both books, but he only quickly lists the issues and subjects and doesn’t really go into enough detail on many of the subjects. Remember he’s just reporting on the topics, he didn’t do any of the research studies, or come up with the cures… If you go to the chapter "Still Don’t Believe Me" He does list dozens of books by doctors and heath practitioners that back up what he is saying. I have read several of those other books and they do cross reference each other fairly well.

    Kevin is not a miracle healer, but I believe him when he says he’s tried many of the things and that he practices what he is preaching.

    Whether you agree with him or not, it will be an excellent book to read regardless. And he can point you in the direction of other fields of health that you may be interested in reading about.

    I’ve lost 33 pounds since I read Natural Cures. I would say half of the weight I lost was a direct result of this book. The weight loss cure wasn’t applicable to me at the time I read it… But for very obese people that have tried many things and failed, this is one last thing that might just work.


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