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Just diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes–diet suggestions?

Anyone who has been diagnosed with GD, can you help me with suggestions for meals and snacks? I have heard that breakfast is an especially difficult one, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I am being put on the GD diet, as I failed the 1 hour and one of the 3 hour blood tests w/glucola, though I am not sure if it is "full blown" or if my doc is taking precautions for the baby & my health. Either way, I gotta do this, so let me know what you eat!! Thanks:)


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  1. Luna27 says:

    I had Gestational Diabetes as well.

    My dietician suggested that I have 30 carbs 3 times a day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then I would have 15 carb snacks in between these as well.

    I liked Slim Fasts for breakfast. They are 23 carbs and have a lot of vitamins. Then I would have a banana or an apple, which is about 5 carbs.

    Snacks were harder, but I liked string cheese, which is only about 1-2 carbs, I also liked Nature’s Valley Peanut flavored granola bars. They were 19 carbs a piece and the only granola bar that I could find that wasn’t way over in carbs.

    Just pay close attention to the carbs on the labels and serving sizes. I made it the whole way through my pregnancy with just diet changes and never had to go on insulin. It is hard at first, but the longer that you are on this diet the easier it will seem.


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