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Is there any cure for type 1 diabetic?

I’ve diabetes and never been happy for 9 years!! =( I really need a cure before my health gettin worser!If u know any, please let me know! Thanks!


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  1. Gary B says:


    Scientists do not YET know what CAUSES Type 1 Diabetes, so no cure is available.

    I’ve heard of a company in Indiana that is going into clinical trials with a diabetes CURE, but a Clinical Trial is a LONG way from having something your doctor can actually DO.

    Clinical Trials are used to provide PROOF that a medicine or technique works, So far, this cure has worked in animals like rats, but it is not yet known if it works in HUMANS. This is what Clinical Trials are for. The Trial runs through three "stage", with very careful evaluation at all times. If at any time the tests show that the patients get WORSE instead of better, the trials will be stopped and the "cure" will be declared useless.

    [Inhaled Insulin was in clinical trials about two years ago. But the results came back and showed that too many patienets also got Lung Cancer! Th diabetes patients didn't have to take injections, but they could die of lung cancer. The trials were stopped, and Inhaled Insulin is no longer an option.]

    Clincal trials run anywhere from 3 to 7 years PER STAGE. And THEN it has to be approved by the FDA for use by doctors, THAT can take as many as 5 years. IF this new "cure" proves to be helpful and harmless, it could be as long as 25 YEARS before your doctor will have it available.

    Until then, insulin is your ONLY choice. but understand this. you WILL NOT get worse if YOU have the self-discipline to do EXACTLY what the doctor says! Injected insulin is completely effective for control of Type 1 Diabetes. Insulin injection fails ONLY when the patient is "non-compliant", and refuses to follow the doctors order EXACTLY.

    it would seem that, with your unhappiness and fear of worsening health, that you need some emotional help as well as the physical help. TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR! He should be able to refer you to a psychologist who can help you through the emotional problems of diabetes. With a better "mind set", you should be able to keep yourself alive AND HAPPY, and maybe YOU will see the result of those 25 years of testing and trials come to a fruitful end.

    ADDITION: The current state-of-the-art understanding is that Type 1 Diabetes is an auto-immune disease, very much like Lupus or Psoriasis. The body is "rejecting" itsefl!!

    Since this is an inherited, genetic problem, so-called "cures" like Raw Diets are completely useless! DO NOT endanger your health by investigating these lies!


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