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is there a cure for diabetis?

I just found out that I got high cholesterol and glucose, the Dr. said it is Type II diabetis, and I am really worried about IT…If any one of you know how to stop its progress or cure it please help!!!


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  1. lo_mcg says:

    No, there is no cure for diabetes. It cannot be reversed, and people telling you it can are misleading you.

    Type 2 diabetes is almost always controlled by diet, and dietary and lifestyle changes (such as more exercise) are what doctors recommend for it, not drugs. Drugs are used in the few cases where patients can’t control their blood glucose levels through diet or – a more likely situation – where they won’t.

    The examples of ‘reversing’ type 2 diabetes that Red Angel has linked to are in fact examples of people CONTROLLING their diabetes through a hugely improved diet. But those people will always have diabetes; if they let up on their control for more than a short while, they will soon discover that their diabetes hasn’t been reversed.

    Basically, a healthy diet for a diabetic is a healthy diet for anyone – with some modifications.

    Your doctor should have given you a list of foods with a high, medium and low Glycaemic Index rating; if s/he hasn’t, your diabetes nurse should.

    The GI is a ranking of foods based on their effect on blood glucose levels; slowly absorbed foods have a lower rating, while the foods that are most quickly absorbed have a higher rating.

    You don’t have to stick to low GI foods alone; high GI foods aren’t necessarily banned altogether, but when you eat one you should eat a low GI food along with it – combining foods with different GI levels affects the overall rating of a meal.

    It isn’t the case that carbohydrate is carbohydrate is carbohydrate; a jacket potato or slice of white bread has a much higher GI rating than a portion of wholemeal pasta of the same weight.

    Examples of foods with a low GI rating include legumes, wholewheat pasta, porridge, apples and some other fruits, and sweet potato; medium GI foods include new potatoes in their skins and couscous; high GI foods include white bread and mashed or baked potato.

    Important – please note: not all fruits are low GI, and some are high – pineapple, for example has a high GI; so do bananas – the riper, the higher.

    If your doctor didn’t give you such a list you can find a complete list by googling Glycaemic Index (US – glycemic).

    Eating low GI becomes second nature – if I didn’t have to test my blood and have regular check-ups I’d forget I was diabetic.

    Increasing exercise levels is also an important factor in keeping your blood glucose levels under control, as is losing weight if you need to.


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