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is reversing diabetes possible ?

if yes what does it take to do it ?


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  1. helga says:

    if you are a diagnosed diabetic, the symptoms can only be controlled, but the disease can never be cured.

    the doctor may start you with diet, losing weight, and exercise programs. then medications might be started.

    remember that these medications are maintenance meds, so they have to be continuously taken. with the meds around, your symptoms and blood sugar levels may be controlled. but once you stop the meds, symptoms may start to show again, sugar levels may shoot up, and it can be very dangerous. worse, the endpoints of diabetes (peripheral neuropathy, kidney problems, and the like) may happen earlier than with those who took the maintenance meds religiously.

    it is understood that in diabetes, the cells in the pancreas are getting fewer and fewer, thus few or no insulin can be manufactured — there you go, the logical reason why diabetes can’t be reversed.

    hope i helped.


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