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Is Raw Food a Cure for Diabetes…. Who is Dr. Gabriel Cousens?

My friend just read a book called There Is a Cure for Diabetes by Gabriel Cousens. She says she has been cured. Could this be true?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    First of all Dr. Cousens title of there is a cure might throw some people off. What we are talking about here is being able to 100% control your diabetes without drugs and using mostly diet with some exercise.

    I too was very skeptical of this plant based diet. Until I tried it for myself. I eat all the raw plant based food I want three times a day. (breakfast, lunch and diner)

    It should be noted that most of this raw plant based food if very high in fiber which controls the absorption of sugar into your body. In a way your food acts like your diabetic medication, certain food have been proven to make your natural insulin more sensitive, which is a good thing.

    All I can say about this diet is from personal experience. I’ve lost close to 140 pounds on this diet and have no signs of diabetes. In other words not even my doctors tests can find any trace of the diabetes. Now that’s not to say if tomorrow I started eating junk food that I would not become diabetic again, because I would.

    I am a diabetic and always will be. However if I stay on my current diet, diabetes should never bother me again.

    I hope this helps…. God Bless

    If it helps here is a great source for becoming raw.


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