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Is my Diabetes reversing?

ok for the past months Ive done nothing but eat properly, excercise almost every single day and literally ran for my life, so i was feeling more energetic recently and i just woke up one day and suddenly my unquenchable thirst was gone, and it didnt even come to my mind that i had to drink water in 3 hours straight, nor was i thristy, good sign?

i feel like running right now, seriously its 7 pm here and i feel like i want to run! lol
remission, yes thats the word i was looking for! thanks i am feeling healthier! on second thought i dont think ill run tonight because crows will attack me!


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  1. HardCore3 says:

    Agree with everyone! It is possible for diabetes to go to remission. That’s the good news. The bad news is that you have keep running, stay away from refine sugars and stay on a diet for life. Otherwise, it will come back.


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