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Is it possible to reverse diabetes type 2?

Is it possible for the disease to be reversed? Through things like frequent exercising good diet and taking their medications the way they should be taken? There must be something that can make insulin in our bodies to know how to start working properly again. I’m 15 I think I might have diabetes but I’m not sure, I eat a lot of sugar everyday, but I exercise a lot.

I’ve read about the symptoms online especially the big 3. My hungrer hasn’t increased, but my mouth is dry a lot and I do always need to go to the toilet, but this all started after I started taking medications by my self.


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  1. lo_mcg says:

    First – eating sugar does not cause diabetes. Nor does eating any other particular food.

    Type 2 diabetes is not caused by diet – except in as much as being significantly overweight is a – no THE – major risk factor.

    Reading symptoms online will always make you think you have the condition you’re reading about.

    if you are taking unprescribed medication, then of course it’s almost certainly what’s causing new and unusual symptoms – what possessed you?

    And for information – no, diabetes is a permanent condition and can’t be reversed. But it can be – and often is – controlled through diet and exercise; diet and exercise are ALWAYS what a doctor recommends first for type 2 diabetes. Only the minority whose type 2 diabetes can’t be controlled by diet etc are treated with drugs – plus of course those who simply won’t adopt or maintain the necessary lifestyle changes and whose condition worsens.

    When you hear of people who have ‘cured’ or ‘reversed’ their type 2 diabetes, know that what they have done is brought it under control; they are controlling their diabetes through diet. If they were to abandon their healthy lifestyle, they would soon find out that they’re still diabetic.

    I have type 2 diabetes which I control through diet. I know I’ll always have it now, but it barely impinges on my life. My blood glucose levels are well within normal – my diabetes nurse told me at my last check up that they were lower than hers.


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