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Is it possible to have multiple diabetic symptoms but not actually be diabetic?

Some of the common ‘early warning’ signs of diabetes are:
> Excessive hunger and/or thirst
> Frequent urination
> Constant fatigue
> Unusual irritability &/or mood swings

Other, possible symptoms of diabetes are:
> Blurred vision
> Numbness &/or tingling in the hands & feet
> Slow healing of minor scratches & wounds
> Dry or itchy skin
> In women, recurrent or hard-to-treat yeast infections

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Overall, the available diabetes awareness literature consistently warns that experiencing any of these symptoms on a regular basis may indicate untreated diabetes, but many of these symptoms could also be related to other causes.

So, can anyone suggest any examples of other, non-diabetic conditions which present diabetes-like symptoms?

Put another way, does anyone know of any diseases that may "act" like diabetes, but aren’t?

Thanks in advance & good health to you all…


One Response to “Is it possible to have multiple diabetic symptoms but not actually be diabetic?”

  1. spiderlady632003 says:

    It is true that many of these symptoms do cross over other conditions, but when ‘all of these symptoms’ are combined, they do indicate diabetes.

    Itchy dry skin, constant fatigue, increased yeast infections and mood swings, could be related to menopause due to decrease in hormones, but without the other symptoms you have mentioned.

    If you have these symptoms you mentioned then please have yourself checked for diabetes, and then let the doctor work through the symptoms to find the cause.


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