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Is it possible to get diabetes while dieting?

Last year I got tested for sugar and it was completely normal, but I was overweight, since then I have changed my diet alot, I’ve haven’t lost weight, but I’ve grown into it (I’m a 15 year old girl and still getting taller) but I’ve been getting symptoms of diabetes. But the thing is I don’t eat candy, ice cream, cake, or any type of sugar, not even soda! O just drink tea, coffee, water and green tea. I do eat bread but I don’t think that can cause it. I got a blood test on Christmas Eve and my doctor called yesterday saying the results are in and u need to come on to discus them, I don’t know if that means something’s swirling or not but is it possible for me to have diabetes? And is there any other condition that can have some of the same symptoms of diabetes? Thank you very much


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  1. Cammie says:

    Yes, you can get diabetes while on a diet.
    You can get it in a riot.
    You can get it if you are a pilot .

    You can get diabetes in a car, in a bar or even on a star.
    Food does not cause diabetes.It is a metabolic disease.

    Why did it take your doctor a month to get the results of a simple blood test ? You may want to change doctors.


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