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is a diabetic cure erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation?


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  1. leo d says:

    Its the other way around!

    Diabetes Mellitus can be a cause of Erectile dysfunction.

    It was really hard to understand the physiology of how the glans penis stood up, but i’ll try to explain it briefly:

    To start with…Any type of sexual stimulation trigger the parasympthetic sytem. Parasymphatetic system makes the blood vessels to dilate and engorged with blood.

    The Cyclic GMP sustain the blood vessel dilatation and push more blood on the shaft of the penis. This is the reason why penis increases its size during sexual stimulation. (VIAGRA and other ED drugs target this process in order to sustain CGMP).

    I personally explain the process to you so that you will be able to understand the causes of erectile dysfunction in men. Any alteration in this process will cause ED.

    While on diabetes, there is a complex and involve impairments in nerve, blood vessel and muscle function.

    Therefore, Diabetes is one of the causes of ED.

    Regarding premature ejaculation….. Same thing!


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