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if i stop expiriencing pre diabetic symptoms did it go away?

For a few month i was expireincng pre diabetic symptoms im asuming. I thought it was anxiety. Mabey it was both. But i have been feeling slightly better. besides the fact that i still have slightly blurring vision and am commonly tired. but i think i have been eating healther and didnt even relize it. i just want to make sure that pre diabetic sighns that go away doesnt mean diabetes. Thank You


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  1. Nana Lamb says:

    not sure what you mean by that. I didn’t "feel" anything at prediabetic stage! I didn’t really have any of the highly touted symptoms either until my glucose got to be around 300 for a couple years I think.

    If you feel that you are having any diabetic symptoms go see the doctor for a HbA1c test. Or I am told that you can buy one at some drugstores. B-D brand I think they said.


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