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I could be a diabetic. Are these diabetic symptoms?

I’ve been drinking coffee daily 1-2 cups per day. I recently got a job which requires heavy
labor, thus since the two weeks of hire, I’ve made up my mind to intake more food and coffee for fuel. On the top of work I’ve been playing more sports (2x a week) before the 2 weeks I exercised seldomly (once in 3 weeks)

One time after eating after work ended, I felt mentally disallusioned. I felt in my conscience I’m going to collapse. This happened last week. I felt dizzy again after taking couple bites of noodles. At any given moment now, I feel like I might pass out. drinking water exacerbated the dizziness.

Can anyone tell if there is a cause to this situation?


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  1. Landshark says:

    Sounds more like too much coffee symptoms.
    It will pay to eat foods with slow release sugars… Apples, Pasta etc.

    Sensible details about Diabetes in the link:

    Also it is possible to drink too much water and get those kinds of symptoms as it dilutes your Sodium too far. See the link.


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