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how to cure toe problem-itchy ?

my toes are really itchy, swelling and changing to a color of red and dark red, the itchiness has been increasing. i have been soaking my feet in vinegar and recently it doesn’t help


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  1. Iori in Danger says:

    You need to go to the doctor.

    If you are diabetic, this is a serious problem. If you are not diabetic, it still doesn’t sound very good.

    Right now, I want you to check your toes for signs of infection. If your toes are considerably warmer than the rest of your body, or if you see faint red lines ‘shooting’ up your foot from the red toes, those are warning signs of an infection. Also, if they are becoming increasingly painful that is a bad sign. If you think your toes are infected or if you can’t make up your mind, GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM. These types of infections go out of control very quickly and can become life threatening, or cause permanent tissue loss.

    Ok. Now if it’s not a serious infection, you might have some bad athlete’s foot. Vinegar is not going to solve it, I’d recommend Lamisil or its generic equivalent.


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