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How to cure Diabetes?

I have been reading heavily into the cure for type 1 diabetes and I know it will take time. I’m looking for any type of cures, rather flushing out your system or simply dieting. I’ve found a few links that have explained what to avoid and such, however that’s not good enough. I’m 19 and it’s now starting to bug me I can’t do what I’ve wanted to do – and I’m done. I’ve read even deeper into insulin and apparently it holds many drug formulas that actually poison’s your pancreas even more-so, which causes you to be more insulin dependent quicker. I need help to find a resolve in removing this disease from me. I know some people say "Just wait" – but that’s a lie. There is way too much of a market on insulin and diabetic help for a cure to actually come out. If so, it will be too expensive for the Average Joe. In other words, I don’t want to avoid the problem and simply slow it down – I want it gone. I’m still looking up links and other information – but if anyone knows possible cures, or solutions to this extreme problem I am having – it would be GREATLY appreciated if you could share with me. Thank you. (I’m not fat or overweight, type 1 as I have said.)


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  1. Cammie says:

    If there were a cure for diabetes it would be a major medical accomplishment.
    There would be world wide coverage, awards and money being given to the one who found the cure.

    You can read and read.That’s a great idea to know all you can , but there is no cure.You cannot start up a dead pancreas.
    It should be simple but it isn’t.
    There are medical problems and socioeconomic problems in finding a cure.No drug company wants a cure. Diabetes is a huge cash cow for them.Look at all they get money for.
    Syringes, test strips, alcohol pads,INSULIN , glucometors and the list goes on.
    If there were a cure, they wouldn’t have anything to sell.

    We need to support private research projects .Not ones paid for by drug companies.


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