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How can one prevent and reverse Diabetes?


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  1. wyliesmom says:

    First you must recognize that there are 2 types of diabetes. Type I refers to those who are born with the inability to produce insulin or not enough insulin. This type comes at an early age. So far, that type is incurable and must be treated with insulin injections. Type II diabetes is usually discovered in middle age of older adults. Those whose diet consisted of high carbohydrates and refined sugars usually put on excess weight especially noted around the mid-section. This is not due to a lack of insulin but rather the receptors to the insulin are "closed off or slowed down" to the metabolism of the glucose (sugars) in the blood. This type can be aided by medication that allows the receptors to work more efficiently. Refined carbohydrates are turned into glucose in the body. It is possible to stave off Type II diabetes if people would eat a more healthful diet at an early age and get more exercise. Exercise helps the body burn off some of the excess glucose as energy. It is also possible to reverse diabetes Type II if the patient loses weight especially around the middle, exercises and improves the diet. Diabetics also need in increase fiber in their diet. It is important to read nutrition labels on all foods and to learn about good carbs, bad carbs, and sugars.


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