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Have you reversed your diabetes?

Have you been able to reverse or significantly reduce your diabetes symptoms, dependence on insulin, etc? What methods worked for you?

No advertisements please. Just want to hear from a real person who has been able to do this.
if you don’t mind, could you add your age range? like are you in your 30s 50s 60s? etc


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  1. Anonymous says:

    When it comes to diabetes I don’t know what "reverse" means. I take it to mean that it is being better controlled and managed as opposed to it curing itself.

    Diabetes is a progressive disease for which there is no cure….That’s the bottom line, plain and simple.

    I also feel that most people that use that term are overweight when diagnosed and by losing weight they are able to better control and manage the disease, that is not a cure or a "reversal"……It is the best way to manage and control the disease that will never go away until a real cure is found, probably through stem cell research.

    A controlled type 2 diabetic for 20+ years and I’m 62.


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