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gestational diabetes/diet?

I’m 36 weeks along, and my doctor called and said I have gestational diabetes (it a long story, mostly my fault, as to why it took so long to be diagnosed). Anyway, she said to cut down sugars and carbs, and to try to follow a diet plan for gestational diabetes (I don’t need insulin injections)…. it’s too far along in my pregnancy to get me to a dietician (takes about a month to get in to see one here), so if anyone has gestational diabetes, could you let me know what kind of things are okay to eat, and how to tell the difference between good carbs and bad?


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  1. s.mallory68 says:

    I’m 31 weeks and I also have GD. My Dr. put me on a diet constructed by the American Diabetic Association. So you may want to check out their website. It basically breaks down what you should have as far as protein, carbs, etc for each meal. The website is very helpful and will give you a lot of information. Hope this helps!


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