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fear create diabetic like symptoms?

Since like thursday night, i have to pee like every 15-20 minutes if I’m thinking I may have diabetes. However, when I ignore it, it goes away. I’m a 16 year old white male weighing about 170 lbs and 6’2" high. This symptom kind of just appeared, not really over time. The past two nights I have been completely fine also. If I had diabetes and I was urinating a lot, would I be waking up several times during the night as well, and wouldn’t the urination be consistent like every 20 minutes from waking up to going to sleep? Wouldn’t the increase in urination occur over time and not in 4 days? Could my nervousness be creating excessive urination?


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  1. Fishyfishfish says:

    Before I was diagnosed, I was drinking more than ten glasses of water a day, and I was going to the bathroom a lot too. But really, you shouldn’t worry about diabetes unless you have other symptoms as well. Are you tired all the time? Do you feel constantly hungry or anything like that?

    I mean, if it goes on for more than a week, you’re in trouble. But if it’s only been a day or so, you shouldn’t be jumping to conclusions quite so quickly.

    If you’re worried, it’d be best to just go get tested, just for peace of mind. :) But really… don’t worry so much about it!


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