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Do you need to have all the symptoms to be diabetic?

I have been researching diabetes, and I’m starting to think that I have diabetes. I am at a young age of 14: Male.

So researching diabetes was scary, because I have the symptoms, but not all of them.
The symptoms that I have is urinating a lot, and I’m always drinking. That is about it though. There are other symptoms like:

1.) Fatigue: I’m mostly NEVER tired. At school, I’m always woke up and never getting sleepy. Even at night, the time I usually get tired is around like maybe 12:00am on school days, and 3:00am in weekends. But I think that’s typically normal, because I’ve been that my whole life.

2.) Blurred Vision: My vision is the same, I wear glasses anyways, but I take them off and everything is like it was before.

3.) Weight loss or gain/Always Hungry: My weight has ALWAYS been the same. Like around 98-100 pounds, (I don’t like to eat a lot, honestly, and it’s always been like that.) I could eat two meals and I’d mostly be full for the whole day.

4.) Fruity Taste in mouth: No taste at all, my mouth just gets dry (which is one symptom I have).

So in conclusion, I am unsure of my position. and I need help ASAP, and please, do not recommend going to the doctor yet. The last time I went was maybe a year ago, and they said I was fine. But you know, things could change. So please help.


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  1. John W says:

    No, diabetes is the inability to regulate blood glucose levels due to a lack of production of insulin, an inability to produce enough insulin or the insulin produced does not work very well. If your glucose levels are normal, then there are no symptoms but you’re still diabetic.

    All the symptoms are indirect in some way so diabetes would not be diagnosed on symptoms alone. The most likely symptoms of diabetic onset would be weight loss, urination and thirst but those are only because glucose levels have been quite high for a while. You could even say there are no real symptoms of diabetes and people have gone years without realizing they’re diabetic with type 2 diabetes as they are still producing some insulin.

    Whenever someone rattles off a list of symptoms on this list as you have just done and asks if they’re diabetic, in most cases they would be some hypochondriac kid who imagines they have everything they read about. If you think you might be diabetic, ask your Doctor, then ask if anything could be done about your hypochondria.


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