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Do I have some diabetic symptoms?

I have these problems since I was 13 or 14, now I’m 17. I get headaches when I’m hungry,especially if I have to wait a while . I get hungry like a lot, even after big meals I get hungry if I play sports. My headaches go away when I eat or have candy. I’ve almost or have passed out. It seems like I eat a lot, I’m a little over weight, but it seems like should be like 200 lbs. But if I don’t eat, I get sick, so basically I have to eat. I get shaky sometimes or get very dizzy.
I’m not quiet sure what I have. Please help.


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  1. Mr. Peachy® says:

    Sounds like you are having episodes of low blood sugar which COULD be a precursor to diabetes. Best thing to do is get your blood glucose tested. Otherwise, eat and exercise like you ARE diabetic. You can probably avoid the other symptoms that are likely to come along if you are heading in that direction.

    Here’s a tip. If everyone in the US and UK ate and exercised like the rural Asian folks do, we wouldn’t have any diabetes, breast cancer, colon cancer, obesity, and several other anomalies that are so prevalent in western civilization due to our lousy diet and poor exercise habits. Do your homework, think about it, and get back to me.


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