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Do I have a low bp? (diabetic symptoms also)?

Hey. Im a fourteen year old girl, and my grandma checked my bp and it was 113/65. Is that low? Sometimes if i stand up after watching tv, reading a book etc, my eyes go fuzzy and i go dizzy. I asked my optometrist about it and he said that it could be a symptom of low bp. I also have some symptoms of diabetes; increasingly thirsty, passing water more frequently than normal, tiredness, i also have blurred vision sometimes. please help me get an idea of what it could be. :)


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  1. jenius says:

    Those numbers sound ok to me. My bf suffers from low bp and the symptoms he tells me of are feeling very cold,dizziness and very tired. His bp numbers vary sometimes normal range other times to low. At your age I think you would have more severe symptoms if you were diabetic. Best of luck.


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