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Found this site while looking for diabetes info for my mom. It says that it references scientific studies and that type 2 diabetes is completely reversible. How true is this claim? Can you really completely eliminate diabetes? What studies is it talking about?
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I checked the site and their claims and they seem to be legit.

    I will break it down for you:
    The problem with people saying that Type 2 diabetes is incurable is with the way they define the word cure. Type 2 is caused by a bad diet – this has been proven by a multitude of studies where people who changed the stuff they eat were able to completely stop taking drugs and watched as their blood sugar stabilized, is that not a cure?

    Someone might say – but diabetes can come back, therefore it’s not cured! WRONG! If you keep eating healthy for the rest of your life, there is no chance in hell that you will get Type 2 diabetes again. But if you go back to eating the same harmful things you were eating before, of course it will come back, and no drug, pill or even magic can prevent that.

    It would be like saying that there is no "cure" to the pain of hitting your hand with a hammer. Yet all you have to do is stop hitting your hand (body) with a hammer (bad foods) and the pain (diabetes) goes away.

    We have been lied for decades by the big pharmaceutical companies that diabetes is incurable – this way they can sell more drugs to "treat and control" your diabetes. This is why they keep spewing the lies about diabetes being incurable. Of course it is curable, here are some studies that are cited by this site:

    "Of those on oral drugs, 74% left Pritikin free of these drugs, and the majority of the others had their dosages significantly reduced. Of those taking insulin shots, 44% left insulin-free."

    "high-fiber, high-carb, low-fat diet. Type 1 diabetics could lower insulin medication by a (dramatic) average of 40%. Cholesterol dropped by 30%. 24 of 25 Type 2 diabetics could discontinue their insulation medication with a few weeks’ time."

    "Although medication changes were not a goal of the study, requirements for medication also dropped; 43% of those following the vegan diet reduced their diabetes medications compared to 26% in the conventional diet group. After 74 weeks, improvements in glycemia and plasma lipid concentrations remained greater in the vegan group."

    "The lifestyle intervention (change of diet) reduced the [diabetes] incidence by 58 percent [...] and metformin by 31 percent – This shows how dietary changes are TWO times more effective than this drug."

    "A1C fell 1.23 points in the vegan group compared with 0.38 points in the ADA group" – eliminating meat works better to stop your diabetes than even the diet recommended by the American Diabetes Association.

    "Researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine have identified [processed foods] could play a major role in the development of abdominal obesity, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes."

    The 5-unit BMI difference between vegans and nonvegetarians indicates a substantial potential of vegetarianism to protect against obesity. Increased conformity to vegetarian diets protected against risk of type 2 diabetes [...]

    "An average of just one 85-gram (three-ounce) serving of unprocessed red meat—such as a medium hamburger or a small pork chop—per day increased by 12 percent the chances a person would get type 2 diabetes over the course of a decade or two."

    "Substituting one serving of nuts per day was associated with a 21 percent lower risk of type 2 diabetes;
    Substituting low-fat dairy, a 17 percent lower risk; and
    Substituting whole grains, a 23 percent lower risk."
    leisure time physical activity = 63–65% less likely to develop diabetes

    Now add up all these percentages to lower your risk or reverse your diabetes and you can wipe out diabetes just like that. There are a LOT more studies showing these spectacular results, but people will keep saying how it’s incurable and how you must keep taking drugs. It’s up to you, believe the science, or believe the pharmaceutical companies.


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