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Diet sodas. Diabetes. ..?

Okay so drinking soda is bad. Worse than regular. I know. But I’m 13. And for the past almost 3 years I’ve been drinking A LOT of it. But my question is. On the diAbetes risk, does it only increase it if your obese? I’m 138 pounds. Would it increase diabetes or just other health effects?


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  1. Mr. Smartypants says:

    Nobody’s really sure what causes diabetes. I mean, if your parents or grandparents have it, you have more of a chance of getting it during your lifetime, and there is some thought that eating a lot of sugar can help bring it on, but that’s not known for sure.

    But the thing is, soda isn’t good for you whether you have diabetes or not. A regular soda contains like 12-13 teaspoons of sugar, and all that sugar dumps into your bloodstream all at once. Your pancreas reacts to high blood sugar by squirting out a lot of insulin to get your muscles and other body tissues to burn up this sugar. Then, 20 min. later, the sugar is all used up but your blood is still full of insulin, so you ‘crash’, you feel tired and cranky and hungry. It’s a shock to your system. At 13 you might not even notice it, but it’s still not good for you.

    Some people seem to think artificial sweeteners cause problems, but I don’t think so. We KNOW sugar is harmful.


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