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Diet Pop and Diabetes?

I have gestational diabetes and it is pretty bad. I am 26 weeks along and already on 46 units of insulin a day! My question is this, I don’t usually keep diet pop in the house simply because I will drink it all and I know water is much better. I had some in the house and drank it over the last few days, a friend of mine said that when you have diabetes Diet Coke is automatically turned into sugar so I might as well drink a regular pop… I don’t believe this simply because when I meet with the dietitian she said I could drink Crystal Light which has the same sweeteners as Diet Pop…. could anyone help me out with what they know please…. I am trying my best but it is getting more difficult by the day.

Also does anyone have any ideas for breakfast, it is by far my hardest meal. I know it is the most important but I need to have 4 children (the oldest being 7) up and out by 7:45 so it is hard.

Thank you so much for any help you can give me!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is your friend on crack? She has no clue what she is talking about. There is NO sugar in Diet soda or drinks and your body cannot just manifest sugar out of nothing.

    Diet soda, diet snapple, diet iced tea, etc are all perfectly fine for anyone, especially diabetics.

    I work full time and go to school so quick and healthy meals are important for my routine. Things that I can prepare quickly or even eat on the go in a plastic cup:

    Cottage Cheese and Cherry tomatoes or crackers: @ 12g carbs
    1 Cup of Cheerio’s and Soy Milk: @ 27g
    Packet of plain oatmeal or low sugar flavored oatmeal: @ 25g
    Eggs and slice of toast with cottage cheese/tomatoes: @ 20g
    (sometimes I use egg beaters in an easy pour out container for quick prep)
    1 Serving of Muscle Mile protein shake: @ 12g
    I’ll make pancakes over the weekend and just heat them up in the morning and have them plain: Two 4" Aunt Jemima pancakes are @ 32g

    I use a food database like to look up the carb value of foods or just read the labels.

    Just because breakfast is "the most important meal" doesn’t mean you need to have a big one. I find it easier to have a simply breakfast and then a snack about 2 hours later…. suck as a granola bar, nuts, or small banana.

    I have a set goal of carbs per day so I can use that number as a reference to plan my meals throughout the day.
    If I have a big breakfast, I just am sure to have something like a salad for lunch to balance out my carb intake.

    Also your Dr should have you on a sliding scale meaning you dose your insulin based on the amount of carbs you eat before each meal. That is the proper way to control your blood sugars.

    There are also diabetic protein shakes that are filling and low in carbs and sugar and good for a quick fix.


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